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List Genius

Research Trade Show Attendees

Want to compare a list of online retailers to what is already in the etailinsights application?

Problem solved – our List Genius feature allows you to do just that. We can match and append data from within etailinsights directly to your own list including ecommerce email addresses, online revenue, and more. All you have to do is upload your spreadsheet file and etailinsights List Genius will do the rest. In return, you’ll receive an appended version of your list that is cleaned up, accurate, and ready to prospect!

Attending a Top 40 eCommerce Trade Show?

List Genius makes trade show preparation a breeze and will save hours of your time. eCommerce tradeshows and conferences will often release the attendee list or partial list for their upcoming events. Most of the time, the list provides only the company name and name/title of the person attending the show. Instead of spending hours and hours of your time manually completing the list and searching for contact information, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We can match your list with our database and have you ready to begin pre-show outreach.

Interested in cleaning up a stale list of prospects?

In the eCommerce industry, we’ve found that 30% of retail executives move on each year. If you’ve had experience using a stale list, you already know that high turnover and accuracy decay will hinder your prospecting success. With List Genius, we can update an outdated list for you in the matter of minutes! Many of our customers utilize this feature to help clean up their CRM’s and provide fresh leads and contact information to their sales teams.

How can I compare my list to what is already in the etailinsights application?

Upload your data using our List Genius feature and receive a new version appended with fresh data from etailinsights.

How does List Genius help me prepare for upcoming trade shows?

List Genius is a great way to clean up any prospecting or contact lists you have. As data grows older, it becomes less accurate. By using List Genius, you can keep all of your eCommerce contacts up-to-date with data from the in-house research team at etailinsights.

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