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Accurate eCommerce Leads

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You successfully operate critical technology for Online Retailers, now you want to find more customers who fit your Ideal Client Profile. You have come to the right place for qualified eCommerce Leads.

Utilizing the etailinsights Advanced Search you can set your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and source new eCommerce Leads that fit your ideal criteria.

At etailinsights, our research team and proprietary web crawlers source new eCommerce Leads for you, so that you can focus on crafting the right messages and winning more Online Retail clients. Our in-house research team finds and profiles eCommerce and fulfillment decision-makers at over 13,000 online retail companies. We have built a directory of all the major eCommerce brands, and our executive profiles often include an email address, direct phone line, relevant social media profiles and more.

Jon Doe

You have built integrations with other top retailers in the eCommerce Industry, we can tell you who their clients are!

At etailinsights we detect when an online retailer starts and stops using another technology including:

eCommerce Shopping Cart Platforms
Analytics and Tracking Providers
Email Service Providers (ESPs)
Digital Advertising Platforms
Payment Platforms
Shipping carriers
Content Delivery Networks
And More

Our technology tracking makes it easy for you to see which vendors an online retailer is using so you can identify your competition or identify technologies you integrate with. Utilizing our Technology Spy feature, you can receive customized real time alerts when a technology is detected or no longer detected.

Top Technology Platforms For eCommerce/ Shopping Carts


What kinds of top online retail companies does etailinsights profile?

Our application contains research team Certified profiles for over 13,000 online retailers, and we have a list of more than 200,000 Online retailers published as Community Profiles. In order for our research team to Certify a profile, the company must be:

1. Based in the United States
2. Sell products online through an online shopping cart on their site
3. Meet our minimum threshold for online revenue
4. Do mainly business-to-consumer based sales (we exclude pure B2B Online Retailers)

What kinds of top online retail companies does etailinsights profile?

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