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You are a leader in efficiency, and you may be wondering, “How can I build and maintain an accurate database of eCommerce leads at a low cost?” You have come to the right place.

Constant executive turnover (more than 28% per year) in the eCommerce industry creates difficulty in maintaining an accurate database of eCommerce leads.

At etailinsights, we can do the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Our in-house research team finds and profiles eCommerce and fulfillment decision-makers at over 13,000 online retail companies. Our Certified executive profiles often include an email addresses of executives at all major retail brands, including the head of Supply Chain and head of fulfillment.

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You save top online retailers time and money, let us do the same for you!

If your sales team is doing the research for you, then your new client acquisition cost is way too high. Worse, if your reps are researching then they aren’t spending time on the phone telling your story. The etailinsights solution is designed for ease of use and unparalleled accuracy. We can help your eCommerce sales team find eCommerce Leads while them saving time and you money.

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Needs your field team to know what online retailers are near them?

From any smartphone, one of your field sales reps can identify key retailers in their area using our What’s Near Me feature. Even the most seasoned logistical consultants have found new eCommerce leads using this feature

What kinds of online retail companies does etailinsights profile?

Our application contains Certified profiles for over 13,000 online retail brands. Our coverage criteria for Certified profiles is simple, the company must be:

1. Based in the United States
2. Sell products online through an online shopping cart on their site
3. Meet our minimum threshold for online revenue
4. Do mainly business-to-consumer based sales (we exclude pure B2B Online Retailers)

What kinds of top online retail companies does etailinsights profile?

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