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Technology Spy

You Asked, We Delivered

How can I stay up to date with which technologies my prospect is using?

Whether you need to check for partners your solution integrates with or figure out which competitor your prospect is using, our Technology Spy feature can get the job done.

Stay on Top of Marketshare & Trends
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Stay on Top of Marketshare & Trends

Get notifications sent straight to your inbox whenever a company switches technologies.

Identify and spy on website technologies. We track technologies in the following categories:

  • eCommerce & shopping cart platforms
  • email service providers
  • advertising services
  • web and customer analytics
  • content distribution networks
  • payment providers
  • development frameworks
  • review and chat platforms.

Competitive Vendor Intel

Curious where platforms are losing and gaining business from? Our application generates reports showing which technologies are losing customers and who their customers are switching to. Make targeted prospecting lists from these reports to make your prospecting faster and more relevant.

Platform Intel

etailinsights tracks trends for each technology platform. We’ll tell you how prevalent a given technology is in each industry as well as what the average online revenue is for an online retailer using a given technology.

Our Application is Always Growing

We are tracking and adding the eCommerce technologies that Online Retailers use on a continual basis. For example, the Email Service Provider, Shopping Cart Platform, Payment Processor, and more. Also, our users can send a request to our in-house research team to add a new e-Commerce technology, we will investigate, and most likely start tracking it for them.


If you are in the market for prospect intelligence software, especially to find Online Retailers, then etailinsights is your best solution. Our prospect list building tools allow users to query based on estimated online revenue, orders per day, total number of products, eCommerce technology, and more. Our prospect and marketing list tools are designed to be easy to use and our data has unparalleled accuracy.

When it comes to outbound sales, time savings are crucial, and our software is built by former salespeople in eCommerce. Our prospecting search tools are built for speed, and automatically recommend retailers that fit your search and ideal client profile (“I.C.P.”). Industry Intelligence within etailinsights gives you details about the pains your ICP’s are feeling within their own industry segment. Welcome to etailinsights, your go to source for sales and prospecting intelligence software.

Marketing Insights

Marketing intelligence is the new frontier. Sophisticated marketers know that accuracy is vital when building campaigns. Our Technology Spy feature continually updates information based on changes an online retailer makes to their own website. With accurate market data intelligence software at your fingertips, your demand generation campaigns will be set up for success. Utilizing dynamic content, you can deliver the right message to each prospect and customize their interaction with your brand. Market intelligence coupled with marketing data analysis tools are a must have for any company looking to target the eCommerce industry.

Technology Profiler

At etailinsights, our own advanced algorithms and web page crawlers are just a part of our website technology profiler. We also have an in-house human research team ensuring accuracy at every stage of the way. If you are worried your customers are working with a competitor, or wondering what is competitive web site profiler software, then use etailinsights’ Technology Spy. You will receive email alerts when an online retailer deploys new technology.

What are competitor technology profile tools? Visualize tools like etailinsights Technology Spy, a solution to what may be keeping you up at night. Receive alerts as soon as your competitor gains a new client, or attempts to poach one of your own clients.

Our website technology profiler, known as Technology Spy, is focused on the eRetail industry. This unique web technology profiler and research software gives you immediate insight into the eCommerce industry, also known as “the etail industry.”

Looking for trend tools for competitor web sites? Our Technology Spy features provide information on competitor web site platform’s directly to your inbox. Find out what a web site is built with using the etailinsights Advanced Search, and receive alerts to your email inbox if you’re wondering how do I figure out what a website is built with.

Many of our customers were stumped before using etailinsights. Without access to the etailinsights solution, it is difficult to find out what a web site is built with. Our competitor web site research tool is coupled with proprietary competitor web site profile software to form Technology Spy. Typical competitive web site research tools are broad and fail to stay up-to-date with changes, but Technology Spy is constantly refreshing and crawling Online Retailer web sites. Our competitive web site profiler tool is built by our own in-house team and updated with suggestions from our customer base. If you are looking for the best competitor web site analysis software, look no further than etailinsights. Our customers can attest that etailinsights is the best competitive web site profile software for eCommerce.

Competitor Profiler

Staying up to date with your competitors is time consuming. Especially with the ever changing world of retail and e-Commerce. Let etailinsights do the heavy lifting for you with our competitive profiling tool and competitor profile analysis software. We also track social media activity, such as number of twitter followers by eCommerce brand, with our social profiling tools and social profiling software.

eCommerce online revenue growth can be tied to social media growth. If you want to know estimated online revenue, then etailinsights’ algorithms are your answer. Couple the etailinsights estimated online eCommerce revenue by brand with our social monitoring profiling tools to refine and target your ideal client profile.

Are you social selling? Use one of the best social account profiling tools in etailinsights. Our username and password Software as a Service database solution is one of the best social monitoring and profiling software solutions on the market. Find the Head of eCommerce of Head of Fulfillment at thousands of Online Retail Brands including some of their social media profiles, direct phone line and email address, with our advanced search.

Email Insights

Finding online retailers in your Ideal Client Profile is only half the battle. It’s important to then engage those companies and that requires accurate contact information. At etailinsights, our accuracy is unparalleled and our Research Team certifies company profiles for accuracy. Each email address is tested and monitored to ensure precision and eliminate errors. Direct Phone numbers are also verified by our research team.

We also monitor the emails sent by major eRetail brands and indicate the Email Service Provider technology used as part of Technology Spy. Gain the best competitor email marketing software including search capability to see how eCommerce brands compete to deliver the right message at the right time. Analyze competitor email lists of providers, sort by E.S.P., analyze competitor emails, and perform your own full competitive analysis email list with our profiling tools.

Want to target the brands your competitors are working with? Use etailinsights competitive email list building tools to create and save your own lists. Watch each brand to be informed of changes. Gain competitive intelligence including ESP with our email list profiling tools. View Archives of old emails sent. Our competitor email list analysis software displays an archive of the actual emaisl sent by major eCommerce retailers.

Looking to see which Email Service Provider has the largest market share? Use our proprietary competitor email technology profile tool plus our email monitoring and analysis software to create a list of prospects including their email address. Building your own email monitoring and research tools is cumbersome and this is why over 100 leading eCommerce vendors use etailinsights for lead generation. Spy on your competitors and save yourself from wondering what are competitor email marketing tools. Gain email insights. What is competitive email monitoring software for eCommerce? Simply – it is etailinsights.

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