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Salesforce Integration

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Etailinsights Salesforce
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Do you integrate with Salesforce.com?

Yes, we integrate with Salesforce.com. In fact, our customers requested this feature, so we delivered. The SFDC integration allows sales professionals to seamlessly import prospect information from etailinsights into their own Salesforce instance. Many of our customers live and breathe in both the etailinsights application and Salesforce. Our integration allows for both worlds to be connected. In return, they save more time prospecting.

Where can I download your Salesforce Integration?

Our Salesforce Integration can be found directly on the Salesforce AppExchange and is quick and easy to install. We currently support both the Professional and Enterprise editions of Salesforce. You will be guided through a series of basic installation steps and the integration will be complete. Our Customer Success Team is always standing by to lend a hand and help answer any questions about the integration. We’ve made it really easy to implement and given you the flexibility to map fields on the Account, Lead, and Contact level.

How does your integration work?

Once installed, that’s when magic really happens. You’ll have the ability to pull etailinsights data directly to your Salesforce. Convenience aside, this is extremely helpful in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date CRM for your sales team.

How can I keep my CRM up to date?

etailinsights users can easily import information from the etailinsights application into Salesforce.

Salesforce integration for eCommerce sales executives

High rates of executive turnover in the eCommerce industry make keeping your CRM up to date a challenge. Our Salesforce integration allows you to pull executive and company data created by our in-house research team into your CRM.

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