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Analyze e-Commerce Leads

Part 2: Chase utilizes the Shopping Cart Analyzer to evaluate inbound e-Commerce leads

In this video story we explain how Chase utilized etailinsights to evaluate inbound leads and locate online retailers using Shopify and booking more than $5 Million in Online Revenue:

Three months after Angela rolled etailinsights out to her sales team, Chase began exceeding his sales goals. To save time, he started using the etailinsights Shopping Cart Analyzer to evaluate inbound leads.

Chase eliminated out of profile leads, and identified ideal prospects who were using Shopify and doing more than 5 million in Online Revenue. He pushed the ideal prospects to Salesforce and triggered an email about his company’s new Shopify extension.

The etailinsights Shopping Cart Analyzer allowed Chase to save time, prioritize ideal prospects, and he now leads the sales team in closed business.


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e-Commerce Trade Show Exhibitors use etailinsights including:

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